We Write.

“We write every day, we fight every day, we think and scheme and dream a little dream every day. Manuscripts pile up in the kitchen sink, run-on sentences dangle around our necks. We plant purple prose in our gardens and snip the adverbs only to thread them in our hair. We write with no guarantees, no certainties, no promises of what might come and we do it anyway. This is who we are.” -Tareheh Mafi

Monday, January 13, 2014

Quilting - a simple gift

Simple Gifts

No one knows who made the first quilt - that's how long ago it was that some industrious woman took leftover bits and pieces of material to make something warm and welcoming for her family. It was important to make the most of what she had.

We might not know who the first person was who made a quilt, but the tradition continues. There are thousands of men and women out there today making beautiful quilts - just because they want to. 

for my friend, Dru Ann Love!

Antique quilt from Oakboro Historic society, Oakboro, NC

A child's quilt

A true lady in her day

Talented handiwork

A family heirloom quilt

Photos by Joyce Lavene